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NetTerm Production Release (Updated 3-1-2023)

Added support for Unix Wine, a software system that allows Unix-like computer operating systems to execute programs written for Microsoft Windows.

General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-1-2023)

General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 12-1-2023)

Corrected a status bar display problem when using a video display set to medium (16 bit) colors.

General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-1-2023)

Corrected NTLM authentication issue.

General maintenance.

NetTerm 5.4 Production Release (Updated 1-1-2023)

General maintenance.

Changes for Vista support.

NetTerm 5.2.0 Production Release (Updated 11-15-2005)


Added support for Microsoft Windows 2003/SP1 server.


Corrected a leading space problem on clipboard copy when the text is selected with the double left mouse click.


General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 4-26-2005)

Removed the netftpd program from the standard distribution. The netftpd.exe program was a free limited purpose ftp server program added to our NetTerm product, at the request of our clients. Its purpose was to allow limited file transfers of data in a controlled environment.

It has been reported that the netftpd.exe program has a potential security vulnerability. Therefore, we have decided to remove the netftpd.exe program from the standard NetTerm distribution, and recommend that this program not be used in current installations. The netftpd.exe file, located in the NetTerm installation directory, should be deleted.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-1-2023)

Changed copy/paste to include leading spaces.

Corrected problem with quick connect related to site names that contain spaces or dashes.

Maintenance release.

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